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Predictive Techniques course (2023)

I am happy to announce a new edition of the Predictive Techniques course! Traditional Predictive…

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Advanced Delineation Course (2022)

A new edition of the Advanced Delineation Course will begin in September 2022. It is…

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Traditional Astrology Course (2022)

A new edition of the Traditional Astrology Course will begin in February 2022. It is…

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The Life and Work of Astrologer Helena Avelar

In this episode of the Astrology podcast, Luís Ribeiro joins Chris Brennan to talk about the…

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A discussion of house divisions on The Astrology Podcast

House division have been for several centuries a matter of debate and contentions in astrology.…

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Interview by Luís Ribeiro on Mychal A. Bryan’s True Divination Podcast

Don't miss the discussion on History vs Practice in Traditional Astrology. Check it out here! "In…

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The Academy’s new website!

It is with great pleasure that we present the new website for the Academy of…

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First European Conference on Astrology in Varna, Bulgaria

This November Helena and Luís will be participating in the First European Conference on Astrology…

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