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Traditional Prediction Techniques 2022


Advanced Delineation – Family, Children, and Fertility

Advanced Delineation Course: Chart Interpretation Foundations


Notes on house systems & Traditional Astrology

This lecture offers some guidelines regarding house division systems and the reasons why the Academy of Traditional Astrology favours the Alcabitius method. It also provides an overview of the interpretation tools available for quadrant and whole-sign options.


Synastry: the astrology of relationships in practice

The study of relationships plays a central role in astrological practice. This course goes beyond the usual techniques of systematic comparison of charts, offering instead a practical and concise method. It allows the students to identify significators relevant for relationships, comparing them in the proper context.

This method is applicable to all kinds of couple relationships, as well as other relationships, such as family dynamics, friendships, and work partnerships.


Chart Interpretation Classes

These classes offer the student the opportunity to develop consultation skills through the guided study of example charts. Each class encompasses the practical study of two examples.

The Astrological Consultation

The Astrological consultation: a practical guide

This class is aimed at those who intend to begin their consultation practice or improve their skills in astrological counselling. It addresses practical aspects of the astrological consultation, from its preparation to its aftermath.


Traditional Predictive Techniques

This course addresses the main traditional predictive techniques, their combination and practical application in natal charts. Each technique is presented in detail and illustrated with examples charts.


Traditional Astrology Course

This course offers the student the foundational principles of Astrology and traditional astrological interpretation. It is based on the books, On the Heavenly Spheres and the Traditional Astrology Course, supplemented with video classes and some additional material. It is structured in 12 lessons through which the students can progress at their won pace. At the end of each lesson the student submits a final work that is marked and commented by the course tutors.

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