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Chart Interpretation Classes

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Even the most skilled students of astrology may be challenged by doubts when it comes to put their knowledge into practice. No matter how much they have studied the theory of astrological interpretation, there are always questions concerning how and what to say.

These classes offer the student the opportunity to develop consultation skills through the guided study of example charts. Each class encompasses the practical study of two examples, and each example includes:

  • preparing for consultation: what to focus on? am I missing something? how much is enough? am I over preparing?
  • background information: temperament, almutem, main topics in a chart
  • beginning the consultation: different methods for different charts
  • communicating astrological terms in common language
  • addressing important topics and delicate matters
  • finishing the consultation

This course is composed of four classes attended online via Zoom or afterwards on recorded video.

One week before each class the corresponding example charts will be sent to the students, to allow enough time for preparation.

The course also includes as a bonus the class The Astrological Consultation by Helena Avelar and Lui­s Ribeiro.

Live classes: 9 and 23 May, 6 and 20 June | 18h-20h Lisbon time


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