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Synastry: the astrology of relationships in practice

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The study of relationships plays a central role in the astrological practice. This course goes beyond the usual techniques of systematic comparison of charts, offering instead a practical and precise method of evaluating the relationship dynamics. This course teaches the student to identify the natal significators relevant for relationships, and offers a method for comparing two charts without becoming entangled in confusing details.

This method is applicable to all kinds of couple relationships, as well as other relationships, such as family dynamics, friendships, and work partnerships.

Course contents:

  • What to expect from a synastry and relationship delineations
  • Personal relationship dynamics in the natal chart
    • Individual potential for relationships
    • Main significators
    • Additional significators
  • Comparing horoscopes
    • The three main components for comparison
    • Other relevant interactions
    • Selected aphorisms
  • Study charts

The course offers a final examination and a certificate

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