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A close call with death

Last Sunday a 14 year old boy was seriously hurt by an electrical discharge on Faro’s Train Station in Algarve, Portugal. Apparently the boy was practicing a “sport” called parkour; when he went over one of the carriages of a parked train he was hit by an electrical discharge, which throw him on to the ground and burnt his clothes and body. He suffered 70% burns on his body and is now recovering in the hospital.

The incident occurred on 29th March at 20:10 at Faro, Algarve, Portugal.
This is the chart for the event:

The ruler of the Ascendant, representing the boy is in very bad condition: detrimented, retrograde, combust and falling from the angle. This not only indicates his serious injure but also describes the event itself. Venus also rules the 8th House, which brings serious danger and the possibility of death.
The boy was practicing an extreme sport, which requires great stamina and involves going through obstacles, something which falls under detrimented Venus in a fire sign; his behavior was reckless (Aries) as it is forbidden to go on top of the train carriages, and he placed himself in danger of death by his own actions (Venus rules both the 1st and the 8th houses).
The electrical discharge itself is signified by the combustion (burns and energy surge) of Venus in a sign of Mars (a hot and dry planet), and its conjunction to fixed star Algenib, of the nature of Mars and Mercury.

He probably escaped death due to the trine of Jupiter to the Ascendant. Venus is in its own term and in mixed mutual reception to Mars, which also helped.
The Moon is in the 8th, but exalted and void of course, it also receiving a square of Jupiter, which is elevated above her, so he survived.

Luís Ribeiro

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