Lesson 1 – Basic Concepts

Welcome to the First Lesson of the Traditional Astrology Course!

This first lesson features an introduction to Astrology and its history and an overview of the foundational concepts behind the astrological interpretations: the geocentric point of view and a descriptive system based on the four qualities, elements and temperaments.

The contents of this lesson are very important, as it deals with concepts that will serve as the basis for the whole book. The student should keep this material in mind as it is the foundation for the following lessons.

To complement this lesson please follow the reading and exercise plan on pages 27 to 38 of the TAC book. Once you finished your studies, please submit the final assignment (see materials tab, above).

At the end of this lesson, the student should:

  • Understand the differences between the geocentric and heliocentric models, as well as their different contexts and applications
  • Understand the significance of the geocentric model in astrological thought
  • Be able to describe the structure of the geocentric model (placing the planets within their appropriate celestial spheres, etc.)
  • Be able to name the four primary qualities, as well as their respective
  • Be able to group the qualities to form the four elements
  • Be able to describe the four elements and associate them to various realities, colors, situations, people, behaviors, objects, etc.
  • Recognise the four temperaments and their main characteristics
  • Recognise the characteristic behaviors of each temperament in various

Please download and complete the assignment. Once you have finish please submit it to be marked: Assignment 1