Welcome to the Traditional Astrology Course!

The course is structured in 16 lessons (2 monthly) that can be attended live or by video recording. The teachings are based on the books, On the Heavenly Spheres (OHS) and The Traditional Astrology Course (TAC), with some additional materials.

At the end of each lesson/topic the student submits a short essay that is marked and commented by the course tutors. At the end of the course there is final essay that the student must complete to be granted the course diploma.

To complement this lesson please follow the reading plan on pages 17 to 25 of the TAC book. Once you finished your studies, please submit the final assignment.

At the end of this introduction, the student should:

  • Know how to explain what astrology is (i.e. what are its core principles)
  • Know its main branches and their specifics
  • Have a broad notion of astrology’s development and its main historical periods.