Welcome to the course: Traditional Techniques of Prediction

Welcome to the Traditional Techniques of Prediction course! Here you will be presented with the main tradition methodologies for natal prediction: Directions, Profections and Revolutions, and other additional techniques such as Firdaria and Transits. The course was recorded as live online classes in March-April 2020. It addresses the practical application of all these methodologies, focusing on their combined used. It offers the student several methods for structuring all the information obtained into a working tool. These result from decades of experience applying the techniques presented in Medieval and Early Modern sources in Luís and Helena’s astrological practice.

Course programme:

  • Prediction in Astrology
  • Timing in the Chart
  • Directions
  • Profections
  • Revolutions
  • Combining Techniques
  • Practical examples

At the end of the course you can submit a final essay for evaluation and obtain a course certificate. If needed you can apply for supplementary personal mentorship and tutoring with Luís (details are available on the final evaluation lesson).

Enjoy your study!