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Course II – The Methodologies of Traditional Chart Judgments

2022 Edition

This course offers the methodologies of traditional natal chart interpretation.

It is structured into 8 lessons that can be attended live or by video recording. The course expands on the Tradition Astrology Course – Foundation and develops the methodologies for chart delineation that are needed for a successful astrological practice. It focuses in the four angles and other essential topics.  At the end the student submits a short essay that is marked and commented by the course tutor.


  • Fundamental considerations in Natal Astrology
  • First house essentials
  • Vocation and career + resources
  • Relationships (+ friendships)
  • Family dynamic essentials

Schedule: 17 Set 24 Set | 01, 15, 29 Oct | 05, 19 Nov | 03, 17 Dec 2022 – 19h00 to 21h00 Lisbon time.
Please note the change in the first class schedule

Cost: 300€ (or 4×80€)

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